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Meet Our  Founder

Do you remember the first time that you jumped rope?

I remember the first time that I was inspired to jump rope was in the fourth grade at Piedmont Elementary School

in Charleston, West Virginia.

My P.E. teacher, Linda Stephens, didn't know it at the time but she would be the catalyst of my vision to help kids around the world get moving by jumping rope! Every Friday, I was super excited about going to P.E. because of my chance to win "Skipper of the Day".


It was something all the students looked forward to in addition to hula hoop wars, donkey tails, field day, and many more of my childhood favorite games that I still remember to this day!


During those years in elementary school, I  learned the importance of education, music, art, and staying active! As I faced challenges growing up, it was my teachers, family, and the people in my community that taught me to see beyond my circumstance and to use my gifts and my imagination to dream big and never quit. 

I'm thankful for every person who took time to pour into my life, and my service through 1,2,3 JUMP is as an expression of my gratitude for each individual person that has contributed to my success!


Wilmenia Gripper

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